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Who is TSpeaks?

I am a business coach and mentor, whose specialty is helping individuals who have reached a place in their lives where they realize that working on a typical job and focusing on making money instead of building wealth is counterproductive to becoming entrepreneurs using their God-given gift.

My clients refuse to conform to the status Quo a second longer than what is absolutely necessary.

I have helped individuals discover their gifts and start on their journey to make 6 or even 7 figures.

We are all supposed to discover and use our gift(s) to create the type of life that God has purposed each of us to live, a financially free life.

I believe we each have something inside of us so powerful and useful to others that individuals will pay for it. Everyone has worth, but many don’t stop to examine what’s inside of them of value.

Many individuals have allowed FEARF– false E – evidence to A – alter R – their road to Destiny.

And, as a result, they never get started and thereby, never finish. Your Best Life is waiting on you, step over fear and LIVE.

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Good evening, Until up a few months ago my life was stagnant. Tim (TSpeaks) is a Godsent blessing, he has inspired, motivated and hand crafted a new beginning for me. I am empowered and there’s no stopping now! Thank you so much,

P. Jurado

From the Street to the Life. How to become Wealthy and Change Everything using your Gift. This book is a must-read for anyone thinking about starting a business and anyone that is just looking to get motivated to change. I highly encourage reading this book prior to being forced to figure out your next move. Although I tried to read one chapter at a time, it was hard to put it down. It’s an easy read that can be done on a weekend if you are committed. It’s truly a wake-up call and reality check on life and the possibilities of being an entrepreneur and owning your own business instead of making money for someone else,

Rachel B.


I wish I had read you book, From the Street to the Life. How to become wealthy and change everything using Your Gift 30 years ago. Maybe I wouldn’t wasted 30 years of my life.

Anthony S.

Owner and CEO - Investment Advisor Firm

After reading – From The Streets to The Life, it was impossible to remain on my job and just continue going to work as if nothing happened. TSpeaks inspired me to the point of action and I will never be there same. I am not pursuing my Destiny through my gift. He is a wonderful inspiration to help individuals believe in themselves.

Marcia R.


From The Streets to The Life is the in your face mirror that everyone who is on the fence about leaving a job that isn’t serving them needs to make the ultimate decision to choose themselves first. TSpeaks lays it all on the line in this candid work that challenges your personal courage and private faith walk. It pushes you to limits you never knew existed and it will have you re-thinking everything. It’s beyond a must-read, it’s a must-do!

Dr. Stefany Jones

CEO Hustle Mama Magazine